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Kane Lives! (Hasan does not).


New!! Firestorm Edition of Divination Available!

The Divination is an expansion pack for Tiberian Sun which I created. It has many new units and features. Download here and follow the instructions. (the file is around 750k) Run the program there and use the desktop or start menu shortcuts to use Divination. This version works with both Firestorm and Non-Firestorm. It is highly advised that you read 'divination.txt' thoroughly even if you're just upgrading.

Also includes a nice 8 player map.

Watch out, the cities are dangerous!

Included Map

New Stuff:

  • I improved the launcher and setup.
  • Cyborgs Panic once they're at half-health (they fire at any unit, friend or foe, that comes near them)
  • Silos Cost 300
  • Silos and Tiberium Refineries hold a lot more
  • Helipads reload faster
  • Firestorm stops missiles and hunterseeker
  • Stealth Generator Costs 5000 and has a 25 cell radius
  • Laser Fences can connect from much farther away and cost 400, the catch being that each section uses 25 power.
  • Missile Silo and Tiberium Waste Facilities are replaced:
    • Temple of Nod costs 3000 and launches MultiMissile
    • Nod Pyramid Temple replaces waste facility and launches MultiChemical Missile
  • SAMS are much more powerful, much weaker, and cost a lot more
  • Tiberium and Veins grow quicker
  • Mutant Hijacker costs 2000, and belongs to GDI
  • JumpJet Infantry Shoots rockets, cloaks when elite and heals in Tiberium, costs 1200
  • ORCA Carryall is replaced by Dropship
  • Lower Accuracy but increased range for artillery
  • Build Infinite Cyborg Commando and Mammoth Mk.II, but they cost more
  • Build Queue is 10 rather than 5
  • Titan Elite has Surface-Air Missiles
  • Destroy 2.5x for veterancy (was 10x)
  • APC's have wolverine gun and cost 1000
  • Cyborgs shoot lasers and cost 1000
  • Titans have more Firepower and cost 1000, when elite, they can shoot at aircraft
  • Devil's Tongue has more armor and firepower, can move to shroud and costs 1000
  • Sensor array has 2x range and costs 1200
  • Power Turbines give 200 power and cost 250
  • Adv. Power plant costs 800 and gives 400 power
  • Wolverines See Farther
  • Harvesters hold more
  • Can start with 20000 credits instead of 10000
  • ORCA Bombers have 5 ammo points
  • Banshee Elites stealth
  • Ghostalker Elite has MM2 railgun
  • More crates
  • More Mini Missiles from MultiMissile
  • Immensely Better AI
  • AI builds EMP cannon


New Units:

  • Umagon
    • GDI
    • Cost: 650
    • Sniper Rifle
    • Ability: C4
    • A Mutant, like Ghostalker, who has converted to the GDI side
  • Hover Tank
    • NOD
    • Cost: 3000
    • Dual 120mm cannon, Mammoth Tusk Missiles
    • Using stolen GDI hover technology and the old Mammoth Tank's firepower and armor, this unit adds a much needed punch to the Nod front line
  • Threat Rating Node
    • GDI
    • Cost: 500
    • Allows defenses to fire on most threatening unit
  • Chameleon Spy
    • Nod
    • Cost: 1500
    • A cloakable unit that can give intel on the enemy. Infiltrate a production facility to get a picture of whatever unit/structure they are currently building. The image is distorted because a better picture would require a stronger transmission and he would be detected. Infiltrate a radar facility and get the enemy line of sight
  • Mobile War Factory
    • GDI
    • Cost: 3000
    • Allows you to build units almost anywhere
  • Mobile Refinery
    • Both
    • Cost: 3000
    • Harvest Faraway patches without your harvester having to come all the way back to base. Be warned that it lacks storage capacity
  • Mobile Stealth Generator
    • Cost: 2500
    • Nod
    • Allows Nod Commanders to cloak units and strucures in the field when deployed. Useful in Harvester ambushes
  • EMP Bomber
    • Cost: 2000
    • GDI
    • Allows GDI commanders to disable units anywhere
  • Flamethrower
    • Cost: 300
    • Nod
    • This is self-explanatory
  • SWAT Commando
    • GDI
    • Cost 500
    • Has MP5 and Anti-Tank Gun
    • MP5 shoots bursts of 3 silenced hollowpoint bullets, kills most infantry in one shot. Anti-Tank gun is decent against vehicles and he also carries C4 explosives
  • Scouting Array
    • GDI
    • Cost 1500
    • A quick unit with a long line of sight that can also detect cloaked units. As the name implies, it is an excellent scout
  • Old Flame Tank, Rocket Launcher, Light Tank, Medium Tank, and Heavy Tank from originals are included as well

Firestorm Additions:

  • Sentinel Defense Walker
    • Cost: 9500
    • Nod
    • This is a two-legged walker that is twice as tall as a Mammoth Mk.II, and fires dual Obelisk lasers from its arms. When it's deployed, it self-heals and cloaks, but it is unable to fire.
  • More Drop Pod Troops
  • Nod now has a Defense Computer Core, which acts like the threat-rating node.
  • The threat-rating node is no longer buildable; advances in GDI radar technology have allowed this functionality to be buile into the radar facility, at a slightly higher cost.

GDI Flag

GDI Flag

Color scheme: