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CSE 390 — Computer Game Programming — Spring 2005

Stony Brook University

  • 10 FAVORITE GAMES OF ALL TIME (in no particular order)

    • Goldeneye by RareNintendo 64
      • Widely regarded as one of the best games for the N64, this first person shooter combined excellent controls, weapons, graphics, sound, and music, into one of the finest multiplayer and single-player games before or since. This is what got me into first-person shooters, so I might be a bit biased, but everything was executed almost without flaw.
    • Command and Conquer (Series) by Westwood StudiosPC
      • An excellent story line, excellent characters, and excellent weaponry makes this one of my favorite Real-Time Strategy games; it's a pity EA killed Westwood. Even if the controls aren't as well done as with Blizzard games, I've always preferred the C&C series. Again, possibly colored by it being what got me into RTSs.
    • Need for Speed 2 - Underground by EA GamesPC
      • Cheaply experience the fun of street racing without any of those annoying side effects, like arrest and death.
    • Unreal Tournament by EpicPC
      • This was my first PC FPS; its frenetic gameplay and nifty weapons make this a challenging game to master.
    • Star Wars Rebellion by LucasArtsPC
      • A thoroughly underappreciated game, perhaps because of its very steep learning curve, Rebellion put you in control of the Alliance or Empire in order to eradicate the other. Controlling your fleet to battle fleets of enemy ships is always enjoyable.
    • Half Life/2 by ValvePC
      • Half-Life 1: Revolutionary; gripping story, decent graphics for its time.
      • Half-Life 2: Amazing graphics, solid gameplay, even if the story was subpar.
    • Counter-Strike by ValvePC
      • Your basic multiplayer FPS but without the ability to play Rambo. Not nearly as intricate as Tom Clancy type games though.
    • Max Payne by Remedy EntertainmentPC
      • The Matrix meets first-person shooters.
    • Hitman: Codename 47 by IO InteractivePC
      • An almost thoroughly open-ended game; you can eliminate your target by attempting to assault his stronghold, or you can do it all stealth-like. Sprawling missions, but unfortunately no way to save in the middle of them. This game required real skill and patience to complete, you couldn't just quick-load until you beat a certain part—you die, you start the (often enormous) level all over again.
    • Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory by Splash DamagePC
      • A more arcade-like Counter-Strike, and without the rampant cheating. Besides, you could be a covert ops and take your enemy's uniform, then sneak up on and kill the enemy team.

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