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Individual Mid-Semester Project

Development State: Checkpoint 4

Super Mario Bros. by Nintendo

Checkpoint 4 (Final):

Download and Run Checkpoint 4
Currently implemented: First level is playable.

Checkpoint 3:

Download and Run Checkpoint 3
Currently implemented: First playable screen, collision with question block.

Download artwork
Sprites and other game artwork.

Checkpoint 2:

Download and Run Checkpoint 2
Currently implemented: Menu Screen


Storyboard ImageStoryboard Image
Menu ScreenWorld Loading Screen
Storyboard ImageStoryboard Image
Mario Encounters a GoombaPipe/Piranha Plant
Storyboard ImageStoryboard Image
Shortcut PipeShorcut Pipe Destination (Secret Area)
Storyboard ImageStoryboard Image
Koopa TroopaEnd of World 1-1

Design Document

Download Design Document

Color scheme: