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  • [11-19-11]
    • I have been working on a new app for finding trips on the Long Island Railroad, NYC Subway, and Metro-North, and am releasing an initial version: read about and download Cross-Train.
  • [10-31-11]
    • has ceased allowing free access to their data, so WeatherAlert no longer works, unfortunately. I may resurrect it with other data someday.
  • [3-7-10]
    • WeatherAlert is released, which fixes a crash at startup with Windows 7 x64. Obviously if you have this problem you will not be able to automatically update and will have to re-download the app; sorry.
  • [5-25-08]
    • I have posted my old blackjack program. WeatherAlert still receives minor updates from time to time that are not posted as news; it is now at version
  • [11-5-05]
    • For completeness's sake, I have also re-added the Divination modification to the site.
  • [10-20-05]
  • [9-29-05]
    • Some content updates, including personal information and the websites section in projects.
  • [5-11-05]
  • [4-6-05]
  • [3-25-05]

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