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Soviet Apocalypse Tanks

Soviet Apocalypse Tanks

Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain is an expansion pack which I created. It has many new units and features. Download here and follow the instructions. (the file is around 700k). Run the program there and use the desktop or start menu shortcuts to use Iron Curtain. It is highly advised that you read 'ironcurtain.txt'.

New Stuff:

Latest: 1.4 Final

  • Howitzer moved to Soviet side for balance (and also in their spirit of large weapons)
  • Fixed "Missing Name" bugs

Version 1.4 Beta 2:

  • Fixed some issues related to unit effectiveness (Nuclear Stealth Bomber was too powerful, Disruptor was worthless, etc.)
  • Fixed a few minor bugs (unit names/icons, etc)
  • War Miner gun fixed
  • Tesla Coil no longer anti-air (it was anti-air even when not overpowered, which I did not want)
  • Rocketeer fires laser, and can now land (ideal for acquiring crates)
  • Master Mind can safely control 4 units, costs 2000
  • Psychic Tower can control 4 units and costs 2000
  • Cost increase (from 2000 to 3000) for Stealth Bomber
  • Slight AI Improvements
  • Minor improvements, for non-Yuri's Revenge too

Version 1.4 Beta:

Added support for Yuri's Revenge with the following additions:
  • In Yuri's Revenge, the factory exiting bug (for phalanx and titan) is fixed, not sure about RA2 however
  • Sniper is now able to be garrisoned
  • Rocketeer fires laser
  • War Miner fires tank gun vs. non-infantry & fires machine gun vs. infantry
  • 'Fairness' updates
  • Slight other improvements (minor things, such as psychic control now is a visible projectile)
  • These changes (most of them) should be implemented soon into non-Yuri's Revenge RA2
  • Also the setup program is improved, and now auto-detects your RA2 directory
As far as I know there are no major bugs but if you discover any please E-Mail Me so that I may fix them

Version 1.3:

  • Fixed bug with Iron Curtain: once activated, you could Iron Curtain an unlimited amount of things for five full minutes. Whoa, does that give an unfair advantage.

Version 1.2:

  • Fixed bug when Phalanx becomes elite (I neglected to create its secondary weapon)
  • Psychic beacon destroys infantry rather than taking them over

Version 1.1:

  • Fixed bug with Howitzer not working
  • Fixed AI
  • Fixed Temporal Lab. Still not sellable, though

Version 1.0:

  • Paratroopers are much improved
  • Paratroopers now arrive in a jet
  • Chrono Miner is faster and holds more
  • War Miner has a tank gun
  • Turrets for IFV are different depending on unit inside
  • Overpowered Tesla Coils can fire on air units

New Units:

  • Howitzer
    • Allies
    • Cost: $2000
    • A long range artillery vehicle that does a large amount of damage. It is very slow, however.
  • Phalanx
    • Allies
    • Cost: $3000
    • A hovering unit that fires cluster missiles which saturate areas of the ground with death and destruction.
  • Scout vehicle
    • Soviets
    • Cost: $1000
    • Since the Soviets lack an effective method of gathering intelligence, the very fast scout vehicle was developed. Its sensor package has a very long range, but its weakness is its armor. It takes little to destroy a scout.
  • Advanced Dreadnought
    • Soviets
    • Cost: $3000
    • The Advanced Dreadnought has a longer range and lower reload time than its non-advanced counterpart. We have a shortage of the reloading mechanisms required so you can only build three, commander.
  • Stealth Bomber
    • Allies
    • Cost: $2000
    • This aircraft drops small nuclear bombs on its target. Very effective in groups.
    • When shot down, its remaining bombs explode on impact.
  • Temporal Lab
    • Allies
    • Cost: $1500
    • We have developed a laboratory to communicate with our descendants in the future.
    • With this lab we have gained access to two future units, the Disruptor and the Titan.
      • Disruptor
        • Allies
        • Cost: $1500
        • This weapon seems like a land based version of the sonic amplifier used by our dolphin.
      • Titan
        • Allies
        • Cost: $1000
        • This weapon is a walking nightmare to enemy tanks. It's heavy cannon is devastating and can be modified to fire anti-aircraft missiles when elite
  • Psychic Beacon
    • Soviets
    • Cost: $2000
    • Further research into Yuri's mind control capabilities have produced this defensive structure capable of conscripting enemy attack forces into our army and destroying enemy infantry. Build a wall around it and you'll be able to repel almost any attack. If the enemy destroys the taken over units, we just take over more. If they ignore it and head for the beacon, their own units will destroy them. You can only build three, though commander, or else our own units start to go crazy from its effects. This doesn't work against terror drones, because they don't have minds to take over or destroy!

Allied Prism Tanks

Allied Prism Tanks

Color scheme: